Day 2 was dedicated to extremophiles.

In September 2016 the students from Te Taumata under the supervision of Karen Houghton from GNS Science took samples of extremophiles from Kuirau park.

GNS cultured the extremophiles and Karen brought the samples back in November as part of the Spaceward Bound New Zealand for Youth, hands-on learning experience. The students examined their growth and studied the different types present.

Examining the samples picked from Kuirau Park and discussing about the relevance of earth extremophiles from Rotorua in the context of space exoploration

Karen Houghton, GNS Science and SBNZY students, planning the day ahead

Kuirau park thermophiles

After discussing and examining the samples, the team took a

Field visit to Hell’s Gate – Tikitere

Professor Kathy Campbell is explaining about hot springs and microbial growth.

Karen Houghton GNS

Normal versus acidic

The evening finished with the

Featured talk explaining geothermal energy

from Dr. Patrick Dobson, who is the lead of the Geothermal Systems Program of the Energy Geosciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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