Anna-Thea Littek Havelock North High NZ New Zealand Student
Annalea Beattie Mars Society Australia Australia Artist
Astrid Mueller Science Alive New Zealand Educator
Audra Phelps Almaty International School Kazakhstan Biology teacher
Beth Anders Mars Society NZ New Zealand Company Director / Early Childhood Ed
Bryan Drake Drake Geoscience Ltd / University of Auckland New Zealand
Carly Gott UC Riverside United States Graduate Student
Carol Stoker NASA Ames United States
Chris Kennell UNSW Australia Student
Chris Monigatti Tawa College New Zealand Teacher
Courtney Bright UNSW Australia Student
Cristiana Paraschiv Mars Society Australia Australia Student
Daniel Blakebourough Manurewa High School New Zealand Student
David Willson NASA Ames United States Engineer
Eldar Noe NASA Ames United States Scientist – Mars expert
Haritina Mogosanu New Zealand Astrobiology Initiative (NZAI) New Zealand SpaceHead / Organiser
James Swan University of Canterbury New Zealand Student
Jen Blank NASA Ames & Blue Marble Space IS United States Research Scientist
Jonathan Clarke Mars Society Australia Australia Research Scientist
Julian Thomson GNS Science, Lower Hutt New Zealand Geoscience education
Justin Walker Manurewa High School New Zealand Student
Kathy Campbell University of Auckland New Zealand Professor/ Sponsor
Katie Sopher United States Educator
Ken Silburn Mars Society Australia Australia Head Teacher Science
Kiri Danielle New Zealand Media Reporter/Teacher
Kirsty Farrant Newlands College New Zealand Teacher
Larraine Barton Pakuranga College New Zealand ESS Teacher
Laura Penrose Nayland College New Zealand Student
Laura Ward Plant and Food Research New Zealand Research Associate
Lucinda Offer Marsonauts, Inc., Mars Society USA United Kingdom Teacher Lead SBNZ
Martin J. Van Kranendonk Australian Centre for Astrobiology Australia Professor/Co-director centre
Martin Toland Swinburne Uni New Zealand student and teacher
Matt Parkes Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery New Zealand Teacher
Matthew Reyes Exploration Solutions / NASA Ames United States Technologist
Melissa Smith Hamilton Fraser High School New Zealand Student
Nicola Fahey Mars Society/Mars One New Zealand Early education teacher
Parag Vaishampayan NASA-JPL United States Research Scientist
Ron Fisher Cosmodome NZ & RASNZ Education Group New Zealand Educator
Rosalba Bonaccorsi NASA Ames & SETI Institute United States Research Scientist, SETI Representative
Sanjoy Som NASA Ames & BMS Institute of Science United States Research Scientist, Flight Engineer
Sarah Childs Pakuranga College New Zealand Student
Scott Perl NASA-JPL & University of Southern California United States Research Scientist & PhD student
Siddharth Pandey UNSW Australia Student
Solinna Toul Manurewa High School New Zealand Student
Steve Pointing AUT New Zealand Professor/ Sponsor
Steven Hobbs UNSW Australia Researcher
Tremayne Kaseman UNSW Australia Student
Trevor Anders Mars Society NZ New Zealand Retired Engineer
Virgiliu Pop Romanian Space Agency Romania Research Scientist

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