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Haritina Mogosanu
Lead of Astrobiology Group
Mobile: +64 21 2692 908

Media releases

2014-11-19 NASA Planetary Scientists Come to New Zealand

Spaceward Bound New Zealand in the press

Apr 2014 New Zealand Science Teacher – article:Training the next generation of space explorers

2014 August, NASA Ames, seminar by Haritina Mogosanu: Astrobiology in New Zealand and Spaceward Bound

2015, January 12, – article: Student reaches for the stars: Sarah Childs, Larraine Barton (teacher)

2015 January, Manurewa High School news – article: Spaceward Bound, Solinna Toul, Justin Walker, Daniel Blackeborough

2015 January, SETI Institute’s dedicated site for Spaceward Bound New Zealand: article An expedition through New Zealand with Rosalba Bonaccorsi

2015 January, Join Researcher Rosalba Bonaccorsi on her Spaceward Bound Expedition on the North Island of New Zealand (16-21 January 2015)

2015 January, 3News video link, NASA Spaceward Bound in NZ 

2015 January NZ Herald, articles

Nasa to study Sulphur Point (16 Jan)

Roving robots collect data for Nasa (19 Jan)

Hot springs could solve mystery of life on Mars (16 Jan)

2015 January, 3 News, video link NASA’s hunt for alien life reaches New Zealand

2015 January, Professor Steve Pointing’s blog: Pointing at Science,

Spaceward Bound “T minus 1 day”

Spaceward Bound “T minus 2 days”

Spaceward Bound Captain’s Log

Testing the NASA drone

2015 January, Radio New Zealand, radio Afternoons – Spaceward Bound

2015 January 20, TVNZ – National News,  video link NASA scientists hunt for extraterrestrial life in Rotorua 

2015 January 21, Newstalk ZB, NASA program grows in popularity

2015 January, NASA scientists help tamariki learn more about space exploration

2015 February, Julian’s blog – NASA comes to Rotorua

2015 March, University of Auckland – Spaceward Bound New Zealand


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