Who can participate

  • Secondary science school teachers and their students
  • Tertiary students interested in teaching or studying astrobiology or any of the following subjects: microbiology, geology, ecology, biology, chemistry, robotics, communication and culture.
  • The expedition also serves as an opportunity for the local experts and NASA to team together and learn from one another, to forge collaborations.

The trip is open to anybody over the age of 16 or supported by teachers or parents.

New Zealand teachers are invited to participate in the expedition, and bring their students along. They are also invited to join us for daytrips.

Criteria for eligibility

Anyone above the age of 18 can apply for Spaceward Bound.

Students aged 10-14 can also attend with a letter of recommendation from their school principal, however their attendance will be welcome for day time sessions only 9 am -4 pm but flexible.

Teachers / Educators

We are seeking energetic and enthusiastic educators who:

  • are positioned in their organisation to positively influence the ongoing science programme and lead professional development of other staff.
  • may have little geoscience background but are interested in the professional development opportunity of learning along with the students
  • will be available to assist with supervision of students’ safety and guidance as required along with all the other participating adults
  • are physically fit and able to tramp in the outdoors to visit rock outcrops in rugged environments
  • will collectively develop follow-up resources for the benefit of the schools and community groups. (eg teacher workshops at SCICON, online educational resources, field trips and activity guides)


Schools  students aged 10 -14  are invited to apply to attend in the day time activities. These will take place from 9 am until late afternoon (usually we would finish by 4 pm but some days might be later due to travel times) under the following broad guidelines:

Must be in years 7 – 9 (2015) age 10-14 and

  • Are physically able and equipped to tramp in the outdoors to visit rock outcrops in rugged environments
  • Have a good record of cooperative and safe physical and social behaviour in LEOTC events and group work
  • Have a positive potential interest in learning about space exploration and geology / earth sciences. (note – no previous knowledge of geoscience is required by participants)
  • Will benefit from the opportunity to meet others and share the excitement and adventure of scientific discovery
  • Would enjoy the creative challenge of sharing their discoveries publically in a weekend science expo with the help of the participating scientists and educators
  • May not have had the opportunity to be involved in these activities in the past

Spaceward Bound New Zealand may contact the school for further reference in making decisions about individual applications.



Please send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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