• Pilot programme – will serve as landmark for future NZAN activities
  • Develop communication and educational relationships with national and international science teams
  • Engage in hands-on investigations in the field, in NZ’s active volcanic landscapes


  • To enhance Earth and Space educational curricula using the extensive natural diversity of New Zealand’s volcanic and geothermal landscapes and a Mātauranga Māori approach.
  • To use astrobiology and planetary science themes to spark student interest and imagination in hands-on STEM activities.
  • To offer unique Earth and space science investigation opportunity for intermediate and senior students
  • Enable collaboration with top space and geo scientists from NASA and New Zealand
  • To investigate extreme geological and biological environments analogues to conditions on other planets and earliest life on Earth
  • To experience technological challenges of human space exploration

Curriculum relevance:

Nature of Science, Planet Earth and Beyond geology, Astronomy, Technology, Life Science


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