Expedition dates: 16-21 January 2015

Ever wished you worked with a NASA scientist? For one week only, Spaceward Bound is making that happen right here in our ‘back yard’ in New Zealand! Come along for an extraordinary event where you can walk the walk and talk the talk with top local researchers and NASA astrobiologists.


Spaceward Bound is coming to New Zealand!

Spaceward Bound New Zealand is a great adventure of exploration seeking answers to some of the most fundamental questions: ‘What is life?’, ‘How does life begin and evolve?’ ‘Does life exist elsewhere in the Universe?’ and ‘What is the future of life on Earth and beyond?’.
To try to answer that, we will explore unique geological features and life forms of the North Island of New Zealand. Spaceward Bound it’s a hands-on field based expedition.

Spaceward Bound offers unique Earth and space science investigation opportunity for teachers/ senior students to develop communication and educational relationships with international science teams and engage in hands-on investigations in the field, in the NZ active volcanic landscapes.


  • teachers’ hands-on collaboration with top space and geo scientists from NASA and New Zealand;
  • professional development for NZ teachers;
  • be part of the international Spaceward Bound programme that qualifies teachers to attend international Spaceward bound projects (these have taken place in USA, Australia, Antarctica, Namibia, UAE, the Arctic);
  • investigate extreme geological and biological environments analogues to conditions on other planets;
  • experience technological challenges of human space exploration.

Read more about Spaceward Bound New Zealand here.


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