University of Auckland is proud to be the science lead for the first Spaceward Bound expedition in New Zealand.  We are engaging to make the most of the special environment NZ has to offer, and steer towards new fields or methods of research when opportunities or needs arise. From projects seeking habitable planets orbiting stars in the Milky Way to understanding how life arose on planets such as Earth and Mars in the first few billion years following their formation, University of Auckland scientists and students cannot aim too high nor stretch too far.

Spaceward Bound New Zealand with its exploratory science approach has the recipe to make particular use of New Zealand’s special attributes of being at the frontiers of scientific exploration:
Fields such as geothermal energy, extreme life, Antarctic research, marine biology, Polynesian migration, climate science, southern astronomy, phylogeography and biosecurity protecting a unique biota are obvious  possibilities, situated as we are astride an active plate tectonic boundary in the Southwest Pacific in the Southern Hemisphere.

Professor Kathleen A. Campbell

Geology – School of Environment

University of Auckland


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